Peaceful & loving parenting is possible for everyone.

Don’t believe it? Let’s work together and find a way!



You know that you’re blessed to be a parent and you adore your kids.

There’s just one problem; parenting often feels too hard to enjoy.

It feels like the toughest thing you’ve ever done.

You often find yourself feeling stressed and fed up, and you know deep down that you’re not always being the calm and loving parent you’re capable of.

Any of this sound familiar? 

Then you’re in the right place!


Parenting Coach, NLP Kids Coach and expert in child development – and I would love to help you.

You see, I get it; this was exactly how I felt only a couple of years ago. Back then I had three children under 5 and often felt depleted and overwhelmed.

But thankfully things have changed a LOT and I’m now in a much better place. And this isn’t because my children or circumstances have changed; it’s simply because I’ve changed.

I’m now on a mission to help you get to a similar place; to help you love parenting and to parent from a place of love (well, most of the time anyway!)



waking up every day knowing you will enjoy parenting, feeling loving and connected, and confident that you won’t have to  resort to threats, punishments or time-outs.

trusting that you can remain calm, relaxed and strong no matter how they behave or what the day throws at you.

believing that you are an awesome parent and that you are the ultimate expert on yourself and your children.


And I’d LOVE to be the one to help and support you with this.


Together, we can uncover exactly what’s at the heart of why you’re struggling and identify what needs to change to be the best parent you know you can be.

I help parents with children of all ages and offer a fully personalised EMAIL, PHONE or SKYPE coaching and support service.

So, are you ready to find out more and get some help to find your way back to loving parenting?



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