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Hi there, I’m Nicola.  I’m a coach, psychologist, writer, wife, mother of three, ex-bulimic and ex-chronic anxiety sufferer.

Even as a very young girl I knew I wanted to understand and help people, and I have always been deeply curious about how the mind works and the keys to mental health.

I was naturally drawn to study Psychology, and looking back, I can see that my long academic career was a continual search to find more satisfying answers.

But it  wasn’t until pretty recently when I stumbled across a completely new understanding of how human beings create their experience that I felt truly excited.

I realised that the disconcerting feeling something was missing – that I’d had from every degree and training and course – was right!  I had been right to query why the theories didn’t seem to help or apply to everyone, or why certain techniques helped a lot…until they inexplicably just didn’t.


You see, until very recently, psychology has been without a guiding paradigm or set of unified principles from which treatments and therapies could be established.  This lack of understanding has resulted in a very confusing array of theories, techniques and contradictory research findings.

It’s become increasingly clear that the whole field has inadvertently been looking in the wrong direction, and as a result made very little progress in terms of freeing people from mental distress.

But the good news is that this no longer needs to be the case.  We now have the gift of a completely new understanding – and a beautifully simple and practical set of principles – that are already radically reducing suffering and changing peoples lives.

It has certainly changed things for me in a very big way, and it now forms the basis for how I work as a coach.  As once we truly grasp the facts about how our minds work and where our experience comes from, we can start to trust our moment-to-moment wisdom with our kids in a very profound way.   Diagnosing or labelling children makes less and less sense, and the need to point parents to specific techniques, strategies and routines becomes increasingly unnecessary.


And so if you’re struggling with parenting or family life, please know it doesn’t have to be like this.  We have all been caught up in a simple and innocent misunderstanding of how life really works – but once we start to see through this, the transformation can be totally life-changing.





I’d love to be able to point you in this direction, and help you parent from a place of calm, wisdom and joy.




Okay, so maybe not all the time, obviously, but wouldn’t you rather be in a place where you mostly find it joyful rather than mostly find it hard?