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Hi there, I’m Nicola and I’m so excited you’re here! It means you’ve come by to check out whether I’m the right person to help you on your parenting journey, and I’d be truly delighted if I am!

I’ve known since I was a little girl that I wanted to understand, help and work with people.  And I feel very lucky to have followed this path and uncovered my specific niche and passion for supporting fellow parents.

My academic background is in child psychology and the focus of all my work and experience has been with families and children. I studied Developmental Psychology to Doctorate level, and have qualifications in Life Coaching, NLP and counselling.

But it wasn’t until I had my own three children that I truly realised how hard it can be to bring up well-adjusted, thriving kids.

Understanding the latest theories, strategies and techniques on paper is a world away from applying them in real life, and many of these can feel pretty useless when you’re massively sleep deprived and confronted with non-stop meltdowns, demands and squabbles.

Admitting that I was struggling was the first step for me in searching for a different way to parent and to explore how to enjoy parenting in the way I had assumed I naturally would.

I began to find ways to integrate findings from the research with my day-to-day parenting, and more crucially, learn to examine and reconfigure my mindset and beliefs about children and parenting.

In my early days of parenting I attempted to lean more towards the authoritarian style of parenting that I (largely unconsciously) felt I ‘should’ employ. But it never felt right, and this is simply because it wasn’t. A strict, control, fear-based approach was out of alignment with who I really am, and so it was always uncomfortable.

Finding my way back to a loving and authentic, connection-based approach felt such a relief and like coming home.  This way of parenting doesn’t mean there are no boundaries, just that we treat children with the kindness and respect we bestow on other adults and expect to receive ourselves.  I truly believe that one of the most important realisations for this generation of parenting is that not only does punishment, criticism, coercion and control not work, it’s also just not necessary.

But having said all this, please know that I don’t hold the secret to perfect parenting, and I make no promises that you’ll work with me and life with your little ones will immediately become a breeze

There are still many times when I find parenting very tough, and I doubt that will ever change. But the difference is I’m learning how to deal with those hard times, how to take the learnings and move on, and for it to feel hard much less frequently. I’ve embraced approaches that take the stress and struggle out of parenting and, most importantly, result in more joy, playfulness and fun.


So, I want to be able to help you do this as well; to truly love being a parent, and to parent from a place of calm and connection.


Okay, so maybe not all the time, obviously, but wouldn’t you rather be in a place where you mostly find it joyful rather than mostly find it hard?

Sound good? Are you ready to bring more awareness, connection and fun to your parenting? To share your struggles and find solutions that work? To prioritise the emotional well-being of your children to the same degree you prioritise their learning and intellectual development?