“But you LOVE chicken and rice! Here, have some chicken and rice!”

“Don’t like chicken and rice.”

“Yes you DO, you ate a whole bowlful the other day!”

Do you ever find yourself having this sort of crazy-making conversation with your toddler or child?

You kind of know it’s pretty much a waste of breath, but somehow you just can’t help yourself.

Because it’s so frustrating and baffling and apparently illogical!

You weren’t in the mood for listening to whinging, nor did you have the energy for a battle. So you thought you’d opted for the ‘safe’ option; THE thing they are guaranteed to eat.

Except then they don’t.

And if you don’t have your approach to eating sorted, if you are not clear about what to do and say next, if you haven’t examined your own triggers and eating history – this is when you’re kind of in trouble.

This is when you get exasperated.

This is when you get angry.

This is when you are overtaken by reacting from a place of fear rather than responding from your higher self and in line with your true intentions.

Because underneath all these feelings of anger, frustration and stress IS fear, plain and simple.

Fear that they won’t be healthy.

Fear that they won’t survive.

Fear that you’re not a good enough mama.

Fear that they will turn out like you (or their dad, or the dog or whoever).

The list is endless and unique for each of us.

But only by getting to the bottom of these fears can we be free of them. And only by being free of them can we respond to our children from a place of calm, love and trust.

We are slowly awakening to a different way of thinking about and raising our children. We have the tools, the knowledge, the desire to do things differently.

But it does require that we do the inner work, that we face up to uncomfortable stuff.

And this is one of the things that makes my FUSS-FREE EATING program so different from others; I will support you in doing this every step of the way.



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