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Are you worried about your child’s behaviour?

 Or a particular issue that keeps recurring?

Or maybe you or your partner are feeling constantly stressed or anxious or overwhelmed and would like some support.

I support families with children of all ages (from babies to teens) with issues affecting parents (e.g. anxiety, low self-esteem/confidence, stress, overwhelm, unwanted habits) or children (e.g. behavioural issues, anxiety, low self-esteem, poor sleep, picky eating).

I work via PHONE, SKYPE or FACE-TO-FACE, providing a very flexible service that fits with any lifestyle.

See below for more details of how I work and how to get in touch.



I offer a fresh new approach to looking at parenting, and one that can transform family life in a very significant way.  This is not about strategies or techniques or theories, and it’s definitely not about labelling or judging or analysing you or your child.


This is about pointing you towards a deep understanding of what it means to be human and how our minds work, and from this place you can truly understand where your (and your children’s) stress, anxiety or off-track behaviour is coming from.


My aim is to offer you the space to feel heard and understood in a profound way, and to connect you back to your innate wisdom, well-being, peace and clarity.


No matter how screwed up or difficult your relationships seem to be, I want you to deeply know that they are not irreparably broken.  And the same goes for your children.   There is hope for a peaceful family life whatever you may have been through to date and no matter how bad things may look right now.


Interested in exploring more?  The first step is for us to have a (free) chat and get to know one another.  Please drop me an email or contact me here: